Technology has produced huge benefits for humanity.  As a technology company, ZeeTim is proud to play its part in helping shape the endpoint of the future: more secure, more flexible, easier to manage and use. However, we also have at heart, at our own level, to help reduce the carbon footprint of our users. For sure, there is always room for improvement and we may not be perfect yet, but we are trying every day to make our solutions more environmentally friendly.  

As we celebrate Earth Day, we would like to highlight several ways in which ZeeTim is contributing to help our environment.

100% software-based endpoints

We started as a thin client manufacturer, and progressively shifted our business towards software-based solutions, to provide a complete endpoint that is fit for accessing virtual workspaces, and is completely hardware agnostic. In the event that we do provide a hardware option to customers, we can deliver a complete workstation with full features to authenticate, print, work, and access cloud apps and desktops, with no additional hardware required. 

Reuse of old PCs

With ZeeTransformer and virtualization technologies from Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Nutanix, and others, we can now extend the life of existing PCs. ZeeTransformer allows for the conversion of PCs to lightweight Linux-based endpoints purpose-built for accessing virtual apps and desktops. Because the workload is now in the data center /cloud, usually these older machines provide enough resources. A PC has to be renewed every 3 or 4 years, whereas a thin client can last up to 10 years.    

Endpoint That consumes less energy

Thin Clients consume up to 20 times less energy than PCs allowing companies to reduce their energy consumption and spending. Through our ZeeConf management tool, we can also control the powering on and shutting down of devices both on our Thin Client devices and repurposed PCs. This can go a long way in reducing energy consumption. ZeeConf also allows for remote troubleshooting, avoiding resource-consuming on-site support operations. 

Removal of Print Servers

With our ZeePrint technology, we are able to centralize printer management, not needing to have server hardware in different locations.  Not only does this simplify the administration of printers, but companies also save resources on energy, engineers driving to support these servers on certain locations, and hardware costs as well.  

Reduction of Printing

ZeePrint also provides usage reports so users that may be over-consuming paper and toner can be controlled and addressed. If companies can get users to print less, we can save more trees per year.

As a company, we will continue to look for the right ways to approach new technologies without harming our planet. What good is technology if it doesn’t lead to a positive environment for future generations?   

Download our solutions today. Contact us & mention code ‘EARTHDAY2021’ and we will provide 5 free licenses of our Zeetransformer product.