On May 5th at 1PM ET, ZeeTim will be participating in a Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) Webinar. The event will be moderated by industry guru and CTP fellow Steve Greenberg and presenting will be our CTO and industry veteran Sabir Tapory, as well as our VP of business development Omar Kechrid.  

With ZeeTim’s roots coming out of System integration as a Citrix partner, we truly value the global CUGC community.  The CUGC is instrumental in providing Citrix education and networking opportunities all with the objective of making Citrix work the best it can be.  We, at ZeeTim, feel that we have a lot to offer around enhancing security, performance, and management in the overall Citrix Workspace experience.  As such, we will be putting this on display by showing how over the last decade we have built some tools that really go a long way in simplifying the user experience, all while ensuring that security, and administrative management are not neglected.  

Throughout the Webinar, Sabir will take us through the user journey with ZeeTim and Citrix. He will highlight:

  • ZeeKey – Secure USB password vault used by users to access their workspace
  • ZeeOTP – MFA solution adding another layer of access security 
  • ZeeOS – Secure endpoint OS purpose-built and optimized for virtual workspaces 
  • ZeeTransformer – Tool with which to convert any PC to a Linux based machine running ZeeOS
  • ZeeConf – Central Management tool for managing thousands of devices anywhere 
  • ZeePrint – Virtual printing optimization technology 

ZeeTim is unique in having such a bundle which we call “ZeeEdge” of which all of the functionalities were built from real world customer requirements. It is also important to mention that everything is built for and with the virtual workspace in mind as the primary use case. This can be quite interesting as it gives customers one point of contact for sales and support on multiple technological fronts, not to mention budgetary benefits.  In addition to this, the ZeeTim engineering team not only understands ZeeTim products but has deep knowledge of Citrix and other virtualization offerings, and this can prove extremely favorable for our customers and partners especially as VDI is not always “out of the box” and “straightforward”. 

Time permitting, Sabir will also run through industry use cases and answer any questions around the offering. 

We look forward to seeing you on this webinar and celebrating Cinco de Mayo together!