End User Computing solutions for virtual workspaces

ZeeTransformerZeeTransformer, convert your PCs into next gen secure, lightweight, and easy to manage workstations

Convert your existing PCs to ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Client endpoints to further optimize TCO and ROI. So long as your devices meet our minimum requirements, ZeeTransformer will be able to convert the PC to a secure ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Client, making it the ideal endpoint to connect to your cloud apps and desktops. Once your devices are converted, they can be managed centrally/remotely via ZeeConf. When your PCs reach end of life, simply replace them with the hardware of your choice, which ZeeTransformer can convert to ZeeTerm, or opt for our optimized ZeeTerm Hardware.

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ZeeTerm, managing your Cloud Endpoints

ZeeTerm, a lightweight and secure endpoint technology for accessing your cloud apps and desktops inclusive of a next gen highly secure ZeeOS Operating System and ZeeConf Management tool. ZeeConf allows for the management of thousands of ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Client devices anywhere in the world. It is the perfect solution for keeping your endpoints secure, energy efficient, easily maintainable and under control. ZeeTerm supports any kind of remote display protocol such as Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA / HDX, VMware Blast and PCoIP, Teradici PCOIP, HTML 5 and more.

Procure ZeeTim future proof Hardware or convert your PCs to ZeeTerm clients thanks to ZeeTransformer.

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ZeePrintZeePrint, printing in the Cloud. Simply

Printing has always been a helpdesk challenge and a cause of frustration for IT Departments as well as for end users in cloud app and desktop environments. Slow printing, spooler crashes, over use of bandwidth by print jobs… ZeePrint puts an end to it all and provides unrivaled efficiency, ease of management, cost reduction, and user happiness. Our objective is to make printing a non-issue within organizations no matter what platform or device is in use.

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ZeeScanZeeScan, scan from your virtual desktop

ZeeScan allows you to scan from your virtual desktop without any hassle, in the same way you would scan locally. With ZeeScan you can: scan from your existing display protocol (Citrix HDX, VMware Blast), scan from all your scanners (USB, network, Wi-Fi) including your home scanner, scan fastly without any latency issues, and much more without installing any drivers. If your business requires scanning, ZeeScan is the solution to go for.

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ZeeOTPZeeOTP, Multi Factor Authentication your way, on prem or In the cloud to secure you remote applications and data

Though remote access offers extraordinary levels of convenience and productivity, it also imposes increased levels of risk. The need for remote access to systems, networks, and data has never been greater, but each user granted remote access becomes a new target. Many companies still rely upon password protection, but password defenses are all too easy to breach. Two-factor authentication using a randomly generated one-time password (OTP) provides a much more robust defense than a simple query-password system. ZeeOTP adds an additional layer of security when accessing remote apps ensuring a trusted user connection. It provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which follows the highest security standards at reasonable prices.

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ZeeKey, easy and secure workspace access solution

ZeeKey, a USB token with a built-in security mechanism that encrypts and stores user credentials, simplifying user access to applications with no data stored on the cloud or on any servers. Users can connect or disconnect on any device with the key and get a seamless access experience wherever they go. Administrators minimize a great deal of helpdesk support relating to passwords. The entire solution is decentralized and any issue with a user is only between the USB and the device. The USBs cannot be copied and access can be revoked in a matter of clicks.

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