We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of our remote desktop scanning solution ZeeScan!

ZeeScan allows you to scan easily from your virtual desktop. It’s as effortless as scanning locally, with the added convenience of instantly saving the scanned file in your virtual workspace. No driver installations or scanner setups required – it works like magic!

Here are some notable features included in this update:

  • Expanded Protocol Support: ZeeScan now extends its support to Microsoft RDP protocol, complementing its existing compatibility with Citrix HDX/ICA and VMware Blast. This means a seamless scanning experience from your Microsoft VDI environment.
  • Windows OS Compatibility: In addition to ZeeOS, ZeeScan now seamlessly integrates with Windows, allowing users to scan effortlessly from their virtual workspace using Windows endpoints.
  • Added TWAIN support.
  • Supports double hop in Citrix VDI.

Watch the video below to witness how ZeeScan revolutionizes VDI scanning, making it hassle-free and secure.

If your business relies on VDI/DaaS and requires efficient document scanning capabilities, ZeeScan is the ultimate solution. Experience the difference firsthand by testing ZeeScan today.