ZeeTransformer – Convert any PC using our Thin Client OS


ZeeTim products are compatible with Citrix, vmware & Microsoft.
ZeeTransformer is now a Nutanix ready frame and a Citrix ready endpoint
Convert any PC using our Thin client OS ZeeTransformer.

Benefits of Converting PCs to Thin or Zero Clients

Extend your HW investment

Keep your PCs longer

Lower capex

Make your overall VDI project more affordable

Lower opex

Remove constant patching and updates as well as antivirus costs

Freedom of choice

Choose any hardware brand you like

Improve security

Converting to ZeeTerm with a Linux platform your endpoint is safe

Central management

The right tools to manage and support endpoints (included free of charge)

Thin or zero client mode

Choose your access mode and change when needed

Top notch support

Immediate high-level support provided by experts

The process to convert PCs to ZeeTerm Thin
or Zero Client endpoints is simple:

Create a USB containing the ZeeTransformer software

Insert the USB in the device you wish to transform

Boot into the USB and install the ZeeOS thin client OS

You now have a ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Client! (Have many devices to convert? No problem we have the tools)

Connect to all of your new ZeeTerm devices from the ZeeConf central management tool

Configure your ZeeTerms from ZeeConf as you please! Thin or zero client mode, remote access protocol (i.e. Citrix, Vmware Blast, PCOIP, etc..)- it only takes a few clicks.

Technical Points

Hardware agnostic

The thin client OS can go on any device supporting Linux and can be implemented on any terminal

Vendor agnostic

Compatible with any PC brand

Central management

ZeeConf management console allows full remote control and management of endpoints


Create endpoint templates in ZeeConf and apply to devices or a group of devices

Minimal prerequisites

Amd 64 (x64), 2GB RAM

Easy Configuration

Changes can be applied in a few clicks and sent to any number of endpoints

# Did you know you can run ZeeTerm from a USB?

Supply users with ZeeTransformer USBs from which they can boot the device of their choice. Once booted, they will have access to their ZeeTerm thin or Zero Client session. When they are done, they simply turn off their device, remove the USB, reboot and they are back to their personal desktop environment. This could be the perfect for your remote employees who want to separate their business and personal workspaces, or even for temporary workers.

Need More Info on ZeeTerm Components?

Learn about ZeeTerm

Simple, Secure, and Easy to Manage Endpoints on the Hardware of Your Choice


Bring your own device (BYOD)

With advances in cloud computing, mobile device management, and VDI, many IT departments are moving towards a policy where users can bring their own devices.

This usually frees up the IT department from dealing with technical issues relating to the device hardware. However in doing so, the IT department still have to make sure that users access their workspaces in a secure, controlled, and reliable way. With ZeeTransformer USB, these devices can be booted with a thin client software, right into a work environment where employees cannot tangle business and personal work.

The company’s data is now safe from any foul play and users are unlikely to stumble into unintended issues as they will be kept in their workspace while they perform their duties.

Bring your own device.

Validation of thin and zero client endpoints

Switching to a full thin client software infrastructure can feel like a change for users, teams and financial departments:

  • Users, because the transition to a new workstation requires psychological, organizational adjustments than can impact work productivity and alter the image of the company
  • IT teams, because they have to deal with a radical change of infrastructure that will have many consequences in terms of IT management
  • Financial departments, because renewing a whole estate of workstations has a huge impact on the budget.

Therefore, you do not want to take it lightly. You need to access the impact of thin clients on the organisation while minimizing risks. Opting for PC repurposing solution ZeeTransformer allows you to turn PCs into thin clients and test a thin client workstation on your current hardware: progressive change for the user, balanced workload for the IT teams, along with a risk free financial strategy.

Modernizing obselete or complex os and simplifying the work of it teams

A heterogeneous farm of workstations (both old & new PC, personal devices, old thin clients of various brands, chromebooks…) can be difficult to manage. Various performances, incompatibility, different OS versions, security breaches… Most entreprises use Windows operating systems, and these require constant patching, updates, anti-virus solutions, all of which comes at a high cost.

Moreover, Windows being a resource hungry operating system, obsolete workstations with Windows tend to have a shortened longevity with frequent hardware renewal needs.

By moving to VDI, or remote / cloud apps and desktops, IT teams make a huge leap in simplifying and centralizing their management tasks. Only one step remains: to have a secure and easy to manage endpoint.

Thanks to PC repurposing solution ZeeTransformer, you turn PCs into thin clients and standardize your infrastructure’s operating system by transforming all of these endpoints into Zeeterms. With Zeeterm’s powerful and secure ZeeOS operating system your data will be safe. Complement that with ZeeConf’s central management console, you are able to centrally update as many ZeeTerm end points as your company requires. Choose all the benefits of a ZeeTerm endpoint without the financial and organizational burden of hardware change.

Convert PCs into thin clients and standardize your infrastructure’s operating system.

Compatible with Multiple platforms