As we bid farewell to 2023, ZeeTim reflects on a year marked by relentless dedication to perfecting End User Computing. Our commitment to simplicity, user experience, and top-notch security has driven us to new heights. Let’s delve into the highlights that define our journey throughout the year:


ZeeScan launch: Introducing ZeeScan, a scanning solution that empowers users to scan seamlessly from your VDI (Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware), supporting both USB and network-connected scanners.


  • Client integrations: Integrated Amazon WorkSpaces Client 4.6.0 and Tehama Client 2.4.
  • Expanded VPN support: ZeeConnect now supports Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper SLL VPN, PaloAlto GlobalProtect, and OpenVPN, ensuring flexible VPN choices.
  • WPA3 support: Strengthened security with support for WIFI WPA3, reinforcing ZeeOS security protocols.


  • Enhanced ZeeOS deployment: Improved network deployment of ZeeOS for a seamless experience.
  • Certificate authority management: Simplified management of Certificate Authorities for enhanced security.
  • UI upgrade: Revamped the UI of ZeeConf Lite, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Troubleshooting actions: Introduced troubleshooting features for quick issue resolution in ZeeConf WMC.


SAML protocol compatibility: Added compatibility with the SAML protocol, enhancing security measures.


Tailored solutions: Collaborated closely with major U.S. companies to create customized solutions meeting specific requirements across all ZeeTim products.

What’s on the horizon – coming 2024

ZeeScan Windows OS support:

Anticipate enhanced functionality with ZeeScan’s compatibility with Windows OS.

ZeeOS 7.0:

New Horizons in Compatibility: Experience the future with ZeeOS 7.0, offering compatibility with the latest hardware for optimal performance.

ZeeConf WMC:

  • Evolution: ZeeConf Web Management Console (WMC) is set to transform, incorporating all the robust features of our ZeeConf application. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive and streamlined management experience.
  • Improved error message management: Experience more clarity and efficiency in issue resolution with enhanced error message management.
  • ZeeOS firmware/package import: Streamline your processes by importing ZeeOS firmware/packages directly through the ZeeConf WMC.
  • Template content display: Easily access and comprehend template configurations by simply clicking on the template.
  • Offline terminal configuration check: Instantly review and verify the configuration of offline terminals for enhanced control and management.


  • Expanded device configuration: Allows admins to configure devices outside the LAN during the initial device setup, allowing for greater flexibility and ease.
  • Audit log integration: All administrator actions will be securely recorded in the database, providing a comprehensive audit trail for accountability and analysis.
  • Admin profile customization: Enjoy a personalized and consistent experience by saving admin configurations on your profile, ensuring that custom setups persist even after logging out.
  • UI update: Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements as we roll out an update to the ZeeConf standalone UI, providing a refreshed and intuitive user interface.

Forward into the future

As we step into 2024, ZeeTim remains steadfast in our commitment to providing unparalleled End User Computing solutions. The journey of 2023 was not only about innovation but also about collaborative partnerships that shape the landscape of digital workplaces. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the possibilities of End User Computing.