Putting in place a Thin Client or Zero Client solution is an excellent decision for your VDI environment. Just like going to a virtual workspace or VDI infrastructure helps ensure a higher degree of security, centralization and simplification of application and desktop management, as well as a better end user experience; so should moving to a proper endpoint solution. A Thin Client or Zero Client endpoint solution is more than just an OS on an endpoint, there should be an accompanying management tool that can handle the many intricacies that virtual workspaces can bring. Along with the management tool, there is also a gateway component for secure management of endpoints outside of the LAN, optimizations allowing the device to function properly with video/audio/peripherals, and because of the many moving objects vendor support can be key. With all of these components, licensing and pricing schemes can sometimes be very confusing and different vendors approach the matter in different ways. At ZeeTim we have chosen a very simple approach which we will explain here:

A Complementary management tool inclusive of everything!

When a customer opts for our ZeeTerm endpoint solution, they get everything as part of the package. Unlike other vendors, we do not charge extra for the management tool or any other accompanying components. We feel that the management tool is an essential part of the solution. Also we have already explained why we do not allow for any local configuration of the endpoints, so without central management, nothing is possible. We include everything as part of the management solution including our ZeeConf Gateway to allow the management of devices outside of the LAN, and our reporting tool giving visual information about what is going on in your endpoint infrastructure.

Customization and tailor-made service

Over the years, we have covered many organizations, industries and use cases, so we feel that we should be able to support as wide range as possible without charging a premium. There may be exceptions where certain uncommon features are requested and we work with customers on a precise scope of work. However this is very rare and the technology at its base should cover most use cases.

Major updates, surprise investment?

We are also against charging a premium for major updates. Many vendors see this as an opportunity to charge customers more and some go as far as charging as much as a new solution. We feel that as long as customers keep renewing their subscription with us, they should be entitled to the latest and greatest. By entering into a partnership with customers we make a commitment to support them by adapting our solutions to the surrounding technologies (i.e. Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft RDS/AVD, etc…). If you follow us closely, you will note that we are always up to date with the application packages on our ZeeOS operating system (i.e. When a new Citrix or VMware client arrives, we usually offer it within a week).

Forget MAC addresses and repurpose as many endpoints as you want!

From the onset, we always wanted to give flexibility with our endpoint solution. We did not want to tie our licensing to a MAC address because a single user may use multiple devices, and a device may die. In both cases new licenses would be required or the customer would need to go through a complicated method of modifying the license and associated MAC address. To avoid all this and to make things simple, we’ve developed a central license server. The license server contains the number of licenses required and devices fetch their license from the license server. This allows organizations to have as many devices as they want with ZeeOS not being tied to any MAC address. Simply connect in an automated way to the license server and collect a license.

Concurrent device licensing and pay only for what you use.

We have opted for a licensing scheme where companies only pay for the maximum number of devices in use at one single time. This is very advantageous in the case of users with multiple PCs, shift workers, temporary employees, etc… A company could have 10,000 devices, but if only 8,000 are in use at a time, that is all that they need to license.

All inclusive subscription licensing that scales

Our licensing is subscription based and includes everything (the OS, the management tool, the gateway, the reporting tool, optimizations, and support). With ZeeTim, there are no surprises, simply pay the subscription and have peace of mind that you are covered. If you are a business with seasonal employees or a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with fluctuating user count, this subscription licensing is ideal. It also aligns well with an OPEX model that the market is adopting.

Phone support is included.

Though this sounds standard, there are vendors that have opted for an email support approach or phone support at a premium. We have opted for a model where any customer requesting support gets our full-fledged attention. Once a customer works with us we are there to support the most ideal communication medium.