Due to the impact of COVID-19, the number of users working remotely has considerably increased. As a reason, the companies are adopting a lot of virtualization tools to facilitate the remote working scenario. It has also prompted employers to consider the working experience they create for employees and how to make it as engaging and productive as possible. On the other end, due to the increased demand, the companies providing virtualization tools are too evolving at a very rapid pace.

One such tool that has evolved rapidly is Citrix Workspace from Citrix. It allows enterprises to provide secure and fast access to applications and data to their employees. It empowers employees to work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device.

What are the key features of Citrix Workspace?

A few of the reasons why the companies are using Citrix Workspace are:

–   Provides single sign-on (SSO) for SaaS and web applications which reduces the risk of password reuse and cuts down on the number of logins to manage for the IT administrators.

–   Offers employees a VPN-less way to access SaaS and internal web applications, without having them on the actual corporate network.

–   Even during unexpected outages, it ensures access to applications and data so that employees can continue with the work as usual.

–   No matter what the size of the company is, it makes it very easy to scale the solution to thousands of employees.

–   It gives a company the flexibility to choose the public, private or hybrid cloud model which best suits their business.

In a nutshell, Citrix Workspace achieves three key things:

  1. It enables top-tier user productivity and unrivaled user experience over any network, with any workload.
  2. It provides a Secure Digital Perimeter to protect users, applications, and data in any scenario.
  3. It delivers unique flexibility and unified management for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid scenarios.

The requirement of such transformation is reflected by numbers as well. In a recent survey, conducted by The Economist, it was found that:


IT leaders believe employee experience is critical to their digital transformation


Business leaders agree that enabling employees to choose applications and devices they use helps to improve the employee experience.


Business leaders say that the biggest contribution to employee engagement is the ease of access to information required to get work done.

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