For ZeeTim, Citrix environments are their bread and butter being that the company was created by respected Citrix experts and born from a Citrix CSA and CSP partner. The technical team has been engaging with Citrix for over 20 years.
ZeeTim products are Citrix Ready certified (learn more on the Citrix Ready Marketplace).
Over the years, many enterprises have deployed ZeeTim solutions successfully on their Citrix infrastructure. Some of our clients : ADP, Nespresso, Dior, Kenzo, Auto Distribution, Credit Agricole, Bank Palatine, The Louvre Museum, Ahli United Bank, and many more.
The main aim of ZeeTim is to add value to customers already using Citrix Workspace. While Citrix is the core solution, customers do often have other needs to further optimize endpoints, security, visibility, and performance.

#1 ZeeTerm – Ultra-secure and lightweight Endpoint solution comprised of ZeeOS and the management tool ZeeConf

  • OS is built on FreeBSD (optimum for security, and network performance) with a Linux Interface (allows wide range of driver support)
  • OS is read-only with strong network level protections in place
  • All functionalities have been added using custom ICA channels in order to maintain performance (i.e Printing, USB scanning, secure access, password vault, etc…)
  • Zero touch deployment of endpoints
  • Central configuration of all endpoints with support for all Citrix functionalities
  • Added security measure, device can only be configured from the ZeeConf management tool
  • Integrated with a print solution optimizing printing all the way to the endpoint
  • Ability to have Zero Client (kiosk like) mode or Thin Client (desktop like) mode

You can convert your own hardware (learn more about ZeeTransformer), or ZeeTim can offer you a hardware option. We provide customers physical endpoints that can last 5 to even 10 years and can serve changing uses. Our devices are built to suit the majority of use cases with ability to be future proof. Learn more about our hardware options here.

#2 ZeeTransformer: Tool to convert any X86 device to a ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Client or to load the ZeeOS operating system on to a USB

  • Extremely cost effective and a great way to reduce TCO
  • Licensing is not MAC address based, rather through a license server where licenses will be retrieved (Variety of licensing methods available including concurrent licenses)
  • Hardware agnostic as long as a device is x86 with minimum 2GB RAM
  • To boot off of a USB, no proprietary USB hardware is required
  • Manage your devices thanks to ZeeConf

What makes ZeeTim unique:

Our products perform the functions of 3 vendors in the Citrix ecosystem thanks to our bundle ZeeEdge: one point of support and a stabilized product ecosystem.