Before anyone takes offense to this question, let’s be a bit more clear. The question is in the context of virtual workspaces. The fact of the matter is that Windows desktops are not going anywhere and continue to be the most popular OS bar none. Many companies are looking at ways to go completely web based but legacy applications continue to linger, rendering this nearly impossible. That said, as a virtual workspace endpoint, Windows is not the best option! If you use Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft RDS or AVD, Nutanix Frame, or some other virtual workspace technology, then you have way better alternatives that are more secure, easier to manage, and purpose built for a great user experience. This is why ZeeTim proposes ZeeOS, an ultra secure operating system with a  simple management tool accessible from anywhere, along with a top notch user experience. 

Why Windows does not make sense as a cloud endpoint 

Managing Windows endpoints is certainly an important task for many administrators. In order to properly maintain these Windows endpoints, one has to make sure that software programs are up to date, that there are the right antivirus and security tools in place, and that the data is safe. Also Windows endpoints are often tied to the Active directory in order to take advantage of group policies, however this can be a double edged sword since it gives a tie into the IT backbone. However you slice it, Windows endpoints have many moving parts, programs can be interrelated, and some form of access to the network is often given. As such the attack surface is vast and there is a larger possibility of breaches.

Don’t double the effort by managing virtual workspaces as well as physical desktops!

At the end of the day, even if virtualized you are likely delivering Windows applications or desktops, and as such there will be a certain degree of management required. By virtualizing desktops and applications, IT takes control and management becomes more centralized so lots of tasks become easier. Vendors such as Citrix and VMware are providing very interesting security and management tools to allow for simplicity. There are also numerous third party tools allowing to secure and more easily manage virtual desktops and applications. However, when it comes to the endpoints, why would we want the same level of management complexity?

Why not centralize the management of endpoints just like your cloud workspaces?

Instead of using a heavy OS like Windows which requires a lot of management effort, why not settle for a more lightweight, and completely secure Linux OS such as ZeeOS from ZeeTim? In addition to being purpose built for virtual workspaces, such an OS can even provide a better and more simple user experience. Management is also simplified requiring way less administration. Since the OS is limited to only the application packages required (i.e. Citrix Workspace App, RDP, VMware Horizon client, Nutanix Frame client, Chrome, etc….) there are very few updates needed. Also, there is no need to constantly update the entire OS but rather only the required applications. The complementary ZeeConf management tool allows for configuration changes, updates, security parameters, remote control, as well as reporting and visibility.  

What about security?

With regards to security, the OS is hardened and read only. The application packages are also segregated and do not talk to one another. Communication from the management server is SSH encrypted making the solution extremely secure with a substantially lower attack surface than that of a Windows endpoint.  ZeeOS goes one step further making it impossible to set local configurations on the endpoint. Rather all configurations are done in “zero touch” fashion from the management tool ZeeConf. 

How to get started 

Do you have an x86 PC? If so then within 30 minutes you could have ZeeOS running on it. Simply download ZeeTransformer on a USB and boot it on the PC of your choice.

Here is the trial link (even better- no forms to fill)If you wish to take this up further, ZeeTim provides 10 free licenses which can be requested here. A great way to get going!