Because of a deep understanding of end user computing and coming from a systems integration background, today ZeeTim is able to address a variety of areas for customers using virtual apps or desktops (i.e. Citrix, Vmware Horizon, Nutanix Xi Frame, Microsoft RDS, AVD, and others). Previously, customers had to rely on numerous vendors for different issues and this led to countless points of contact (sales, technical, accounting, etc…), disaggregated solutions and licensing methods, and tended to be very costly.  ZeeTim proposes to change this by providing a comprehensive suite of products called ZeeEdge to secure, simplify, and improve the overall end user computing solution in place.  

“ We wanted to go beyond a one product approach but rather offer a comprehensive solution to what we know are the top challenges in cloud app and desktop environments.” – Omar Kechrid, VP Business Development

With a great deal of innovation over the years, ZeeTim is now able to provide a comprehensive solution comprised of the following tools (click on each to read more):

ZeeTerm– Built for cloud endpoint operating system and centralized management tool.

ZeeTransformer– Conversion of any PC to a ZeeTerm (device running our ZeeOS operating system).

ZeeKey– Decentralized USB token storing user credential and allowing simple user access.

ZeeOTP– Multi Factor Authentication to increase the level access security.

ZeePrint–  Print in any virtual environment without bandwidth issue or print server / pilot instability.

“With ZeeEdge, our aim is to  provide solutions to make administration much simpler, without forgoing the security elements as well as user experience.” – CTO, Sabir Tapory

If there is an area within your environment that can be enhanced, be sure to contact ZeeTim and we will be glad to walk you through a demo, assist you with a trial, or answer any questions.