We are proud to announce the release of ZeeScan, a scanning solution created to improve VDI user experience, for any business needing to scan in a virtual environment.

ZeeScan allows you to scan from your virtual desktop without any hassle, in the same way you would do locally. The scanned file is directly saved in your virtual workspace. No driver installation or no scanner setup needed, it works out of the box like magic!

What you can do with ZeeScan:

  • Scan from your existing Citrix HDX or VMware Blast protocol directly on your VDI session
  • Reduce scan bandwidth up to 20-fold leading to faster scanning
  • Scan in your VDI session from your personal scanner when working from home
  • Support all scanners (USB, Wi-Fi, network)

See below how ZeeScan works effortlessly in your VDI.

If your business uses VDI/DaaS and needs to scan documents, ZeeScan is the solution to go for. Test ZeeScan today and see the difference it makes.

The next version of ZeeScan is already on the way. Stay tuned for more announcements!

With ZeeScan, ZeeTim continues its mission to improve the daily lives of cloud and VDI users and admins, through a complete ecosystem of EUC-oriented solutions.