In 2022, ZeeTim continued to invest heavily in its End User Computing Endpoint offering.  ZeeTim stayed true to its triple mission of delivering an endpoint solution providing:

  • Simple and minimal management for admins,
  • Great experience for users,
  • Top notch security for all.

 We’ve also responded to many customer requests for product features, of which we’ve delivered on many and others are on the way.  So let’s have a look at some of the highlights:

ZeeConf – The Endpoint Management Tool 

  • Advanced follow-up of logged admin actions
  • Improvement of template deployment
  • Automatic classification of ZeeTerm in the right group in the tree based on its properties
  • Reporting: Visualization of OS versions and ZeeTerm model
  • Possibility to create a naming convention to rename ZeeTerm based on group naming rules
  • ZeeConf Lite improvement with easier troubleshooting, better screen/touchscreen support/configuration
  • ZeeConf Gateway: Support of Microsoft Azure and release on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Easier troubleshooting through ZeeConf Web Management Console

ZeeOS / ZeeTransformer – The Ultra Secure OS and PC Repurposing Tool 

  • Network deployment of ZeeOS on your PCs and other Thin Clients
  • ZeeConnect: Allow user or admin to log on the VPN of their choice: WireGuard®, OpenVPN, Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper Secure Connect, Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect
  • ZeeRDP : Improve support of RDP/RDS
  • Addition of Microsoft Edge browser
  • Improvements to Nutanix Frame client
  • Addition of Liquidware client


  • Optimization of resource consumption

We are extremely thrilled about our road map in 2023, where we have some very unique features and products that we will be releasing.  Here are a few that we are at liberty to announce:

Coming Early 2023