ZeeTerm, an Endpoint OS & Central Management Tool with Security at its Heart



Compatible with Multiple platforms

ZeeTerm thin clients serve as your comprehensive endpoint mechanism for cloud application and VDI desktop access. Now available with unprecedented Multi Factor Authentication and Remote Print Optimization options from ONE single vendor!

ZeeTerm is inclusive of


Secure and Lightweight Operating System

ZeeConf – Central Management Tool


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Benefits of Using the ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Client Endpoint Terminal


ZeeTerm supports multiple remote connection protocols (Citrix HDX, RDP, VMWare Blast, PCOIP, HTML5…)

Zero Maintenance

No more constant updates and patches

Improved Security

A secure Linux based OS or lightweight Windows OS. No need for Antivirus

Reduced cost

Consume up to 7 times less energy, help your pocket and the environment

Central Management

Centrally manage and support thousands of devices anywhere in the world

Thin or Zero Client mode

Ultimate adaptability to your changing requirements. No harware lock-in

Top Notch Support

Immediate high-level support provided by experts


Get even more from ZeeTim with products such as ZeePrint and ZeeOTP

Not just an Endpoint…

Check out ZeeEdge

We Have You Covered !

In addition to the endpoint, there are common third party solutions that customers often have to look to for a stable, effective and secure user experience when accessing cloud apps and desktops (VDI). These include:

Management Tools

Secure User
Authentication Solutions


With ZeeEdge, ZeeTim proposes a solution addressing all of these areas. The ZeeEdge bundle is inclusive of ZeeTerm, ZeePrint and ZeeOTP , along with the ZeeConf endpoint management tool. Instead of procuring 3 or more solutions, customers can now opt for ZeeEdge, from one single vendor, a single point of support, at a competitive rate.

ZeeTerm, a Comprehensive Solution for Managing your Cloud Endpoints



What ZeeTerm is Comprised of:

ZeeOS: The standard in secure OS

Security Focused

  • Patented OS structure with complete separation between packages for enforced security and easier application management (install, uninstall, update Secure OS).
  • Read-Only OS for users: 0 threat as no programs can remain on the device.
  • Security Simplified: No need for installing and maintaining a local firewall, or local anti-virus thanks to its read only and zero client modes.
  • Compliant: Compatible with all standard security protocols.
  • Complete Control: User have no way to change the configuration on a device.


  • Intuitive administrative operation: Easy to install and deploy thin and/or zero clients.
  • Easy management of applications: Updates can be done at an individual app level, no need to update the entire system saving time and resources.


  • Interchangeable modes: Can be configured as a Zero Client or Thin Client and can be changed at any point.
  • Protocol Agnostic: Supports multiple protocols including Citrix ICA / HDX, VMware Blast and PCoIP, Teradici PCOIP, Microsoft RDP, along with any client supporting Linux.
  • Local Applications: Support any application or driver compatible with Linux. Mirror and Merge Modes: Support 3 mirrored monitors, and 2 merge monitors in Full HD.
  • Peripheral Support: Tremendous experience supporting printers, scanners, card readers, signature tablets, and numerous other peripherals that the competition simply could not handle or refused to support customers with.

ZeeConf: Simple remote management of thousands of devices



  • Centralized Management: One point from which thousands of endpoints can be managed and supported locally or anywhere around the globe.
  • Time Saving and Workload Reduction: No need to manage workstation by workstation, and no need for to send support teams to remote sites.
  • Multi-tenant friendly: Easily manage multiple companies or divisions within ZeeConf management tool.
  • Remote Access and Support: Control of the devices through a secure remote connection Approved by the user.

Total Control

  • Easy Configuration: Manage all aspects of the endpoint device including desktop, start menu, and taskbar.
  • Easy Templates- Device configurations can be stored as templates and applied to devices or groups of devices.
  • Role Based Administration: The management of certain groups of devices can be delegated.
  • Reporting: Get significant insight into your endpoints.
zeeconf-Total Control

Hardware: Use ours or bring your Own – The choice is Yours!

ZeeTerm Ready Hardware


ZeeTerm Hardware supplied
by ZeeTim

Check out our ZeeTerm hardware unit built for those who appreciate reliability. A cost effective yet powerful endpoint unit giving you long term peace of mind in accessing remote apps and desktops- even if your needs change. Customers have been known to use these devices for 5 to 10 years.
Let these devices be the “dumb terminals” they were meant to be and focus on the important things.



Convert Your PCs to ZeeTerm Endpoints
with ZeeTransformer

Perhaps you have hardware which you can continue to leverage, or you have a certain brand that you love. So long as it fits the minimum requirements (x64, 2GB RAM) you can convert those devices into lightweight and secure ZeeTerm Thin or Zero Clients using ZeeTransformer.
You will get all the bells and whistles of the ZeeTerm product including the ZeeConf central management tool giving you ultimate control and visibility of all of your endpoints.


Decentralized / Agency structure (Banking, Retail)

Decentralized organizations such as retailers with multiple shops, banks with many agencies, and others present a particular challenge to IT departments:

  • Providing a unified user experience throughout the whole network
  • Securing data with numerous potential connection spots
  • Guaranteeing data availability from anywhere

Thin clients are the perfect choice to remotely control and manage hundreds or thousands of user workstations. Combined with a powerful management tool, IT departments can easily group and segment the devices making troubleshooting, on boarding, and offboarding of users simple. All actions to configure and manage the end point devices can be done from the IT admins’ desk. The ZeeConf configuration and management tool allows for all of this as well as the remote assistance of a user in need of assistance. Fully features endpoint system making for simple management and productive users.

With ZeeEdge, combine ZeeTerm with ZeePrint and ZeeOTP for improved user experience and security everywhere.


Public workstations

Schools, libraries, classrooms, hospital desks… these are a few examples of public areas where numerous people access workstations. These workstations can be a perfect prey for hackers and the risk for foul play is heightened. As such, the system must be robust and secure to deflect such attempts.

A virtualized environment combined with a ZeeTerm endpoint offers exactly what is needed to combat these threats. Thanks to its zero client configuration and totally secured OS, a ZeeTerm can keep the workspace restricted to only the tasks required for the user it is destined for.

Printing is also often an important issue for students or medical staff: ZeePrint can complement ZeeTerm and help you reduce bandwidth consumption, speed up printing and guarantee overall printing stability.

Security sensitive organizations(banking, public services, industries…)

Your data is particularly sensitive and we understand it. You process confidential information every day and want your IT systems to be as secure as possible.

ZeeTim products including ZeeTerm were designed with security at their core. ZeeTerm’s operating system has been patented and provides a unique structure with a reduced surface for potential attacks.

Most attacks come from poor password and username combinations. Couple your ZeeTerm workstation with our strong authentication solution ZeeOTP and take security to the next level..