It was just announced that ZeeTim came out on top in this year’s Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest. The contest opened in June and was a chance for vendors in the Citrix Ready ecosystem to showcase their value alongside Citrix. Citrix Ready is composed of hundreds of vendors focusing on making End User Computing better alongside Citrix. Many of those vendors took part in the contest. The top 10 videos were then selected and voting was opened up to the public. After some fun suspense, it was finally announced that ZeeTim had a position as one of the winning vendors.

The video presented by ZeeTim was animated and voice acted by Aziz. Aziz takes us through his experience with ZeeTim Endpoints and how they helped him access his Citrix Virtual Workspace in a simple and secure way from anywhere. Aziz takes us through the ease of use, management capabilities, the ease of licensing, and the expert support made available by Zeetim.

This educational yet very funny video can be found here:

This is not the first time Aziz makes a ZeeTim and Citrix video. Here is another one discussing ZeeTim’s suite of products.

A customer explaining the fantastic user experience he encountered using ZeeKey.


Thank you to the Citrix Ready team!

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