ZeeOS, Ultra-Secure and Hardware Agnostic Thin Client OS

ZeeOS is a lightweight Thin Client OS designed to replace the pre-existing OS on any device

Security First

The OS is Linux-based read-only with applications running from its dedicated sandbox, reducing attack surface during OS updates. Even local configuration is forbidden preventing any at will or involuntary attacks.

Amazing Performance

Whether it is Microsoft Teams or Zoom, ZeeOS works with most videoconference tools, assuring the best performance possible. Solutions like Zoiper VOIP are even built into the system making matters even more “plug and play”.

Software Defined Endpoint

ZeeOS will run on any x86 64bits PC or laptop. You may repurpose any device of your choice with the ZeeTransfomer tool or procure the hardware from ZeeTim. You can even run ZeeOS on a USB or on a Virtual Machine. The choice is yours!

Supporting all the major VDI platforms

With all the apps you need

Why choose our endpoint solution?

Simple Subscription Based Licensing

Pay per concurrent device per year. No guessing what components are included as you get everything (the OS, the management tool, the Gateway, comprehensive support)!

No More Constant Patching

Maintenance of endpoints becomes minimal and complex patching and anti-virus tools are no longer needed. ZeeOS comes with ZeeConf, a management tool that configures, manages, and monitors endpoint devices from anywhere.


ZeeOS requires minimal hardware to run, reducing energy consumption, including pre-programmed on and off, and sleep timings. An OS also allowing for a longer hardware life means less e-waste from devastating the planet.

Management Simplified

Any updates to ZeeOS are done from the ZeeConf remote management tool in “Zero Touch” fashion. Our solution is designed to keep things simple so that you can focus on desktop and application delivery and not endpoints.

How our endpoint offering works

ZeeOS: Industry’s most secure lightweight OS


You get all of the above with ZeeTransformer: One license for all your needs

ZeeTerm-Thin Client hardware

ZeeOS: Industry’s most secure lightweight OS


You get all of the above with our hardware offering: One product for all your needs


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Test ZeeOS in 30 minutes using ZeeTransformer – Set up the entire architecture in less than 1 hour!

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