Microsoft has just announced Windows 365, a long awaited Windows cloud PC offering which has many businesses super excited. This will make the task of delivering work desktops to users much more simple than deploying more complicated and costly solutions to do the same. Companies will also be able to leverage Microsoft cloud and all of the resources that it brings. This new offering comes after Microsoft released Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) which is now known as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). While such technologies have existed for years from vendors such as Citrix, VMware, and others, the fact that Microsoft is now making this mainstream will likely push for more widespread adoption. 

As a vendor, ZeeTim is very happy to see this evolution which comes at a time when businesses need it most. It is no longer only the very large businesses that can benefit from virtual desktops (VDI) but rather companies of any size. By announcing a solution such as Windows 365, Microsoft is saying that anyone can now have a segregated cloud PC without any hassle of worrying about infrastructure and expensive security solutions.  

We can imagine that many businesses looking to replace outdated VPN technologies will be drawn to this offering. We have always believed that as the cloud gains traction and resources become more affordable, companies will move their apps and desktops to the cloud and endpoint requirements will change. Instead of giving users uselessly powerful PCs with loads of resources, companies will need to  move to lightweight, more secure, and easy to manage endpoints. This has always been Zeetim’s vision and Windows 365 seems to be going in this direction.  

ZeeTim allows companies to ensure security and performance at the edge no matter where users are accessing from. The following are the areas where ZeeTim adds great value to Windows 365 as well as Azure Virtual Desktop:

Ensuring appropriate passwords and an easy user access experience

ZeeTim provides a secure USB token called ZeeKey which stores all user credentials. The user only needs to remember a PIN  and can access the cloud desktop as well as all of the apps and websites in session. The USB cannot be copied and administrators will dictate the devices where the USB can be used. 

Applying Multi Factor Authentication 

Whether on premise or in the Cloud, ZeeOTP can be used to add another factor of authentication for users with multiple ways of authentication including push notification, via mobile app, SMS, email, physical token, and more…  

Establishing an ultra-secure Endpoint Operating System (Local OS) from which to access Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop 

Provide maximum reduction of the attack surface at the endpoint by putting in place a solution like ZeeTerm. ZeeTerm is made up of a lightweight OS called ZeeOS which is read only and completely hardened. All configurations happen via the ZeeConf management tool and nothing can be done on the device locally. 

Enabling optimum centralized printing alongside Microsoft Universal Print 

ZeeTim has been addressing cloud/remote printing optimization through ZeePrint for almost 2 decades and will continue to do so with Windows 365 as well as Azure Virtual Desktop. ZeeTim can virtualize printer drivers, provide proper print job compression, as well as centralized printer management (complete removal of print servers). ZeePrint can also ensure proper printing from any device including mobiles and tablets.

A product eco-system like no other

ZeeTim is also proud to have a complete cloud endpoint called ZeeEdge, allowing you to optimize your Windows 365 experience. ZeeEdge is one source for centrally managed endpoint, optimized printing, MFA & password management, hence providing you a complete cloud experience into one single solution. With ZeeEdge, take your Windows 365 cloud PC experience to another level of security & performance.

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