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Thin Client Hardware from ZeeTim or Bring Your Own, the choice is yours!

3 Options:
Same User Experience, Same Rock Solid Security, and Same Simplicity

Option 1: Hardware from ZeeTim

Future Proof Hardware with 3 years of hardware warranty, all of the software components, along with expert support.

ZeeTerm-Thin Client hardware

 Powerful quad-core Intel processor

 Up to 3 monitors and 4K graphics support

 6 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, Display port, Com port, Dual LAN

 Full Aluminum Casing, Zero Plastic

Option 2: Repurpose New or Existing Hardware

Bring your PC of choice and use ZeeTransformer to repurpose it with the most secure ZeeOS operating system and all management software included.

 Minimal Hardware requirements

 Supports up to 4 monitors

 Compatible with any x86 64bits PC or laptop

 Significantly Lower CAPEX

Option 3: Boot from USB

No need to change the OS of any PC. Create a USB using ZeeTransformer and boot ZeeOS on your hardware from the USB without modifying anything on the hard disk.

Temporarily change the OS of your PC to ZeeOS

 No change to the underlying OS of your PC

 No risk to company data

 Segregate personal & professional work by booting into a secure OS

 Perfect for contractors, remote or temp employees

Supporting all major VDI platforms

With all the apps you need

How our endpoint offering works


You get all of the above with ZeeTransformer: One license for all your needs

ZeeTerm-Thin Client hardware

You get all of the above with our hardware offering: One product for all your needs

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