Nutanix Frame

The perfect endpoint for Nutanix Frame DaaS.


ZeeTim’s endpoint solution perfectly supports the Nutanix Frame client and aims at offering the best end-user experience and the highest levels of performance and security.

“Our strength is user experience & ZeeTim’s strength is security. We share a lot of common denominators. Not only simplicity, scalability & flexibility but also marry that with the end-to-end security that ZeeTim solutions offer. We are better together.”

Yangzhi Zhao, Nutanix Frame product director.

Why ZeeTim’s Endpoint Solution is the Perfect Complement for Nutanix Frame

Nutanix Frame management options included

Native support of Nutanix Frame client options in a dedicated VMware tab in our endpoint management tool.


Regular updates ensuring up-to-date security

Any Nutanix Frame Linux client updates are made available almost immediately ensuring the highest standards of security.

simple- thin client licensing

Simple licensing and costs structure

Our endpoint offering is based on concurrent licenses, all-inclusive, and contains all the necessary components including the OS, management tool, and gateway. One subscription, no surprises!


Easier than ever management

No more patching.  No more expensive security solutions. With a simple management tool, you are able to configure device settings in minutes and apply the configuration in “Zero Touch” fashion.

Test our Thin Client today!

Secure your Nutanix workspace today with our Nutanix Frame Ready endpoint solutions. You can try our service free for 30 days without a credit card.


Ready to purchase hardware Thin Client



Tool used to convert existing hardware into Thin Clients

Supporting all the apps you need to succeed.

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ZeeTim, Not Just An Endpoint…

Security and User Experience enhancement add-ons only ZeeTim can provide.

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Cloud print acceleration & optimization

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Multi Factor Authentication security

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Credentials vault for Hot Desking

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