Thin Client

ZeeTerm is a personalized computer equipment that is fully managed in a simple way and with reduced costs !

With its standard support of Citrix ICA/HDX and Microsoft RDP solutions, you have instant access to your applications on Linux or Windows desktop (through Microsoft RDP or Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop). ZeeTerm offers the best polyvalence of its category, allowing having Windows and UNIX solutions cohabiting on the same screen at the same time. ZeeTerm provides you with a universal solution avoiding cluttering on your desks. It is a fast and user-friendly terminal, avoiding any unnecessary complication. ZeeTerm guarantees you a simple and totally centralized organization.

Our latest terminals have been labelled as Citrix Ready HDX Premium. This certification proves that our products help improving Citrix solutions. This certificate is given to the partners who have successfully fulfilled the test criteria defined by Citrix.

Thin client administration platform ZeeConf

Along with ZeeTerm workstations, our engineers designed ZeeConf, a centralized administration platform. This tool allows you to perform synchronized actions on your ZeeTerm terminals or PCs in a few clicks.

By centralizing the management of these workstations, ZeeTim aims at improving the daily life of your IT teams. No need to be physically there, you can remotely handle the problem. An issue can be solved in a few minutes.