ZeeTerm Mobile has been designed to address new mobility

habits for mobile users.


Due to evolution of work habits and multiplication of connection spots, user mobility is at the core of companies’ concerns. IT staff have to challenge issues regarding high availability and data security. ZeeTerm mobile range offers you an efficient and safe solution to access your applications and data from unusual places.


ZTM300 laptop has been designed for mobile users mostly working on office applications.


ZTM700 mobile phone will be perfect for mobile users searching for a complete, powerful and resistent tool. Thanks to its hardened coating (IP65 index), they can receive calls and access to specific business applications in extreme environments such as factories, construction sites, warehouses…


Last but not least, Android tablet ZTM900 will be perfect for users in contact with customers, whether working in retail stores, in medical structures, in event-planning…Access your data fastly, from the tips of your fingers.

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